Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lackadaisical..Yes, IM GUiLTY ;)

Truth be told, as I have been seriously ignoring this blog... I really just dont wa nt to fight with my computer.. which now technically I cant as it has about caput completely... to the point of IF I want to load pictures on it.. I have to thru the USB on my Camera.. upload the pics.. copy to a CD and then move on to Tim's laptop to load them onto lightroom and Photoshop... The GOOD news is.. Thankfully, my Darling husband can order me a computer thru his work.. and is in the process of doing so...Hopefully that means in a week or 2.. I will be more willing to upload pictures here, FB, and Myspace.. That is my story ;) Nothing to extreme.. Just computer issues, which in turn I do what is necessary ( ie. process) and the extra is fluff that I dont make time for ;)

On the homefront tho.. Life is GOOD ;)

Wyatt will be out of school in a MONTH.. He will be an official 2nd grader.. Insane. He just turned 7. April 27th ;) We celebrated by taking him and the kids to the Seattle Aquarium the following weekend ;) They had a blast.. and yes, I have 450ish pictures from the day ;) Mostly bc these days I dont get alot of "creative" camera time.. so when I can splurge, I do ;)

Natalie will be a Kindergartener this fall.. I swear people look at me funny when they ask her if she is in school and then she says no.. Yes, I know she looks older than 5. Yes, most 5 year olds are in Kindergarten.. Im sorry, She has a late Birthday. She is more than capable of being in Kindergarten now, but unfortunately, I do not make the rules ;) On a more serious note. The girl is BEYOND ready to start school.. She is verbally counting down the days.

Jacob has lost most of his babiness. Bittersweet. He will be 4 in July and is testing his independence ;) The kid cracks me up tho.. He is definately the little comedian in our family ;) I am going to enjoy our "Mommy and Me" time next fall when the other 2 are in school ;)

Other than that.. Between, school, church, kid stuff, and working.. life is pretty busy these days. I am looking forward to the warmer weather.. and exploring some of the lakes around here and hopefully get some camping in.. but apparently some of my family around here "doesnt camp " lol.. ahem.. Im on a mission to change that ;)

I will upload some new pics soon.. in the meantime.. I do have more recent ones on both my Facebook and Myspace... Take Care and God Bless!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We have moved to Spokane Valley ;) We are loving it here! I will update this later.. and of course, add some new pics ;)